Who are we ?


KARIBU GEMS is a collector and online-seller for handcrafted jewellery with quality gemstones. Our clients also have possibility to choose a loose gemstone and we will create jewellery for them upon requested design. Our jewellery is created from a Greek jeweler, our source for precious stones is mainly in Kenya and East Africa, but also Asia and international. The ultimate goal is to distribute amazing jewellery in Switzerland and Europe below average prices and above average quality. We also offer a platform to source special stones through our contacts in Asia or Africa.
  • amazing jewellery handcrafted by a Greek jeweller
  • service for private clients to create their personal jewellery upon request
  • only natural products in the whole collection
  • all stones without any treatments, otherwise in the details noted
  • the possibility to order a certificate for a specific stone
  • procurement of specific requested stones by our customers
  • satisfied customer or money back guarantee


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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio ranges over colored gemstones, mostly from east Afrika, in later stage also rough gemstones, diamonds and jewellery. We also are happy to source for you if you have a special request about one of our numerous contacts, please send us an email.

Support Team

We are available to answer your emails Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm, and sending out your ordered stones latest in 48 houres after receipt of your payment.